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Real-time, Forward Looking Traveler Demand Data

Key Data’s DemandIQ™ is the lodging industry’s first product for capturing true, real-time, forward-looking traveler demand data. To date, we have all relied upon booking data to reflect traveler demand. While this tells the picture of the demand you captured, it doesn’t tell the full story about the demand you failed to capture, or the market level demand that never made it your way. With this acquisition and the upcoming rollout of this new product, we will be able to offer clear insights into the full demand picture.

What Are They Saying About DemandIQ™

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“DemandIQ has changed the way we look at marketing and revenue management at Park City Lodging. It has allowed us to make data-driven decisions based on guest behaviors before they book, anticipate and meet their vacation rental needs, and overall understand our guests better. We are marketing smarter, more efficiently, and because of this tool we are seeing seen an increase in website conversions and revenue.”

Whitney Ryan

Marketing Director

“We now have the ability to see where/what people are searching and make decisions based on that rather than where the bookings are coming from. It also allows us to analyze how the site functions better than we ever have been able to. I see this being incredibly beneficial for our biz dev efforts as well. This gives us the ability to specifically identify demand based on a property’s size, location, amenities, etc.”

Tanner Armstrong

Director of Marketing

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